From greater accountability, to more transparency, and improved effectiveness and efficiency, below lists the various accomplishments achieved by Proposition A/AA and Measure J/CC.


PV Production

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Solar PV Systems Size across our 9 campuses consist a total of 10,680.6kw systems size.
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The LATTC 24th Street Parking Structure PV system was supported by DWP through a project rebate of $296K.
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Active project: LATTC Construction Technology Building includes a 54kw PV rooftop system.
College building with solar panels Pictured above: Rendering of the LATTC Construction Technology Building

Net Zero Building at

Modern new building at Harbor College Pictured above: The Harbor College Science Complex
battery icon The Science Complex at LAHC has been awarded an LEED Rating of Platinum (75/69).

The LEED Scorecard for the Science Complex at LAHC:


Student Learning Technology

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6 Nursing Program laboratories were retrofitted for an enhanced simulations learning experience at Los Angeles Southwest College.
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Coupled with Virtual Reality technology, enables nursing students to learn in real life scenarios, adding to their clinical hour training.
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Connectivity improvements include 25 WAPS installed, enabling full indoor and outdoor coverage of the building.
New nursing lab at LASC Pictured Above: The LASC Nursing Lab

Fuel Cell at 

PureCell battery system Pictured above: The Fuel Cell at LAMC
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Fuel Cell has the ability to generate approximately 45% of the electricity need of Mission College.
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$1,134,469 The amount of savings the LAMC Fuel Cell will save the school in 10 years.
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Fuel Cell Carbon offset is 979,398kg. Below is a representation of the Acres of Trees Preserved from the Fuel Cell Carbon Offset.
One Tree is equal to 250k Acres.


Thanks to the voters, LACCD has used $9.6B to improve campus facilites, modernize how students learn and reduce its overall carbon footprint.

15% Districtwide electricity-use provided by on-site generation

Digital Migration Digitalize all construction, utility mapping and building data

3 Total Water stations at every college by fall 2020

Storm Water $100 million to capture first inch of rainwater per campus