From greater accountability, to more transparency, and improved effectiveness and efficiency, below lists the various accomplishments achieved by the Program.


With over 630 projects completed to-date, the Program’s success is realized by the magnitude of buildings touched by the Bond Program and positive impact made to the LACCD students at large. Types of buildings and structures impacted by the Bond Program include, but not limited to:

  • Academic buildings
  • Libraries
  • Theater arts facilities
  • Student service projects and facilities
  • Student unions
  • Facilities projects
  • Energy projects
  • Child development centers
  • Administrative centers
  • Athletic facilities

Economic Impact:

The Program has created thousands of good jobs in Los Angeles.

Through internships and other programs, the Program has trained hundreds of people in new jobs that will last a career.

The Program has utilized hundreds of contractors over the past 16 years, with more than a third of the spending on small, local, and/or disadvantaged contractors, while maintaining the highest quality.

Creating Careers:

The Building Program is improving training for students, preparing them for jobs in such fields as nursing and other health-care fields, public safety, manufacturing, automotive, technology, construction, and entertainment.

Building Green:

The Program was an early leader in building green, adopting in 2005 a sustainability policy calling for new buildings to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, standards.