Trade-Technical College Projects Listing

Project Status
Restroom Building In Design
Upgrade Child Development Center Weatherproofing In Construction
Grand Theater Future
Miscellaneous Improvements-Cypress Hall (FFA_D) In DB Procurment
Upgrade Campus Main Electrical Distribution System In DB Procurement
Grand Avenue Enhancement Phase 1 In GMP Development
Upgrade Existing Temporary South Tent In Design
Demolish Temporary North Tent In Design
Art and Culinary Arts Building Completed
LATTC Child Development Center Completed
Construction Technology Yard and Storage Building In Construction
East Campus Grounds Improvements In Construction
Miscellaneous Improvements -Mariposa Hall (LRC) In DB Procurement
Miscellaneous Improvements- Oak Hall (CTE_F) In DB Procurement
Miscellaneous Improvements- Cedar Hall (EAHSC_K) In DB Procurement
RWGPL - F Ramp Completed
Aspen Hall Completed
Juniper Hall Completed
Magnolia Hall Completed
Oak Hall Completed
Auto, Metal Building Completed
Liberal Arts Building Completed
Construction Technology Building Future
Gymnasium Completed
Math and Science Building Completed
Fashion and Fine Arts Building - Phase I Completed
Building C Completed
Building E Completed
Olive Street Parking Completed
Campus-Wide Infrastructure - Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm and Security Systems Completed
Campus-Wide Improvements - Phase I Completed
Campus-Wide Improvements - Phase II Completed
Campus-Wide Improvements - Phase III Completed
Transportation and Accessibility Improvements Completed
East Parking Structure - Increment 1 and B Permit In Construction
East Campus Substation and Electrical Distribution System In Construction
Demo of Toyon Hall Future
North Quad Site Development Deferred
South Campus Athletic Field In Design
Upgrade Campus Main Electrical Distribution System In Design Procurement
Blue Line Station Extension In GMP Development
Art and Culinary Arts Building - Phase 2 In Design