About DCOC

The District Citizens Oversight Committee (DCOC) for Build-LACCD oversees the expenditure of money for the construction and modernization of Los Angeles Community College District. DCOC communicates its findings to the Board of Trustees and the public in order to ensure the Bond Program funds are spent as the voters intended and that projects are completed wisely and efficiently.

District Citizens' Oversight Committee

Los Angeles County voters approved four historic bond measures designed to implement a capital improvement program for the colleges within the Los Angeles Community College District. In order to implement the bond measure, the District formed a District Citizens' Oversight Committee (DCOC).

The District Citizens' Oversight Committee Members are a diverse group of leaders from the business, community and education communities. As provided by law, the committees will provide oversight ensuring that bond revenues are expended only for the purposes authorized by law.

Upon confirmation by the Board of Trustees, members of the DCOC may serve up to three, two-year terms. Meetings are convened at least quarterly. To qualify for an appointment, members are expected to represent (and have the support of) one of the public interest groups identified in the nominations material and have a strong commitment to community college education.

Click here to view annual reports published by the DCOC.