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Facilities Master Plan Updates

Pierce College

2021 Master Plan and EIR Addendum
LAPC 2021 Facilities Master Plan Update
2019 Pierce Facilities Master Plan Update
2019 Pierce Third Addendum to 2002 EIR
Pierce 2014 Facilities Master Plan Update (June 2014)

2002 Master Plan and EIR
    Draft EIR
          DEIR Executive Summary
          DEIR Summary Chapter
          DEIR Table of Contents
          DEIR Chapter 1
          DEIR Chapter 2
          DEIR Chapter 3
          DEIR Chapter 4
          DEIR Chapter 5
          DEIR Chapter 6
          DEIR Chapter 7
          DEIR Chapter 8
          DEIR Appendices

          FEIR Executive Summary
          FEIR Chapter 1
          FEIR Chapter 2

2010 Master Plan Update and EIR Addendum
     August 2010 Final Master Plan Update
     LAPC MP Addendum Revised 6-01-10

2014 Master Plan Update and Second EIR Addendum
     2014 Pierce College Master Plan Update
     2014 Pierce College_2nd EIR Addendum
     2014 Pierce College-2nd EIR Addendum  Appendices A-D

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